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By: Mohammad Jashim Uddin


O Farruk! Perverted nation is now cursed.
Slumbered nation is marching towards
Avoiding the blood eyes and being inspired
In order to break the Satan’s wall.

O Farruk! You are not a lost Sinbad.
You are faster than Sinbad,
You are more up-riser than Dahuk,
You are remembered like Borak
Rebel, you are perpetually and profoundly awaken.

O Farruk! Bewildered nation is looking for you.
Immovable, fetid knowledge’s corporeal figure
Dancing on torn up dead bodies
The ferocious beast and Hyena are being flown away.
Open your eyes, open eyes
Give up egoism and call again
‘When will the night come over, punjeri?’
Behold the coast, a number of hungry people
Working for establishing a state of Equity.



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