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By: Linda M. Crate 


i wonder if you
remember all the things you said
to me,
but somehow i’m the bad guy because
you bullied me;
i remember how helpless i felt when
even the vile guidance counselor
took your side made
me feel like a
as if i didn’t hate myself enough as it was
you saw the need to alienate me
and i never did understand why
you were so catty and cruel or why you
thought you were so much
better than me;
i decided then and there that i would
always be me
because you’re the ones that had to live
with being you,
and i hope all those cruel acts were
worth it—
because i remember every time
i hurt someone and all
the guilt
continues to haunt me because
i am the girl that remembers every scar
even those i’ve inflicted.


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