Poem: The Rhino-Skin and Goggles

By: Pijush Kanti Deb

A poor hand- quite naked and flexible,
needs a trust-worthy amulet
made of rhino skin
and a goggles to cover up
its ocular confusions and hesitations-
the outcome of a dual fought in its heart
between its limited ethics and unlimited wants,
to extend itself near to a purse of someone else-
heavier than its own purse
either by uttering the traditional hymns of begging
or by roaring the thunderous dialogues of pillaging,
otherwise, within a fraction of a moment
its nudity will be caught by the fielding eyes,
the sores on it will be brought under the scanner
and the consequent humiliation
will be active to contract the poor hand to its origin
leaving even its own poor purse somewhere else.

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