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By: Neelam Singh


It sprang forth like a majestic veil
Desires indwelling colors of many
Rainbow delight
The delight to soar
To rise up above all
Desire to feel the wind in my wings

Stormy winds
A dark night
Where’s my dream?
My desire to soar?

Nothing colorful, nothing bright
Tear streaked
I buried it alive

Clipped my wings
Put all to rest
My majestic dream
My desire to soar
To rise up above all

Rainbow delight, now black and white
Broken heart, wounded soul
Would the world know?
The death of a dream



  1. had a dream once and in that dream I had a dream – a dream of going to a faraway place where there was beauty and art and magic and history. And in that dream I became a tango dancer and met a beautiful girl with whom I fell passionately in love as few men had ever experienced. And miraculously, she fell in love with me but finally the relationship ended in great pain and tears and loneliness. But in that dream was born a beautiful baby girl whom we named Rebecca. And she was a happy and vivacious child who once gave me three black little stones when she was two years old. She lived in a charming village named Pioltello.

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