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Poem: The man in a neatly tailored suit

A man walked by and through a dusty window I saw him.
He was wearing a perfectly tailored suit.
The woman whispered to each other.
“Look at him.”
“I know, he’s so put together right?”
“What I’d do for a night with him.”

By: Donald Buhl-Brown

man in suit

I looked down at my clothes,
black pants with two broken belt loops,
so I always had to pull them up.
A t-shirt with three holes in the bottom from an unknown fall.

I checked the time,
it was 11:30.
I imagined he was rushing towards some important lunch,
Man wouldn’t that be the life,
or at least that’s what I am supposed to think.

I ordered another drink and leaned my head on the bar,
it was a good day.


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