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Today The Literary Yard Turns Two

anniversaryToday, The Literary Yard has turned two. And I must congratulate all stakeholders – authors who produced great content and readers who encouraged us to go on. In these two years, The Literary Yard has published hundreds of stories, poems, articles and news on books and witnessed great reception from all geographies. That is the power of the Internet. We don’t need hefty print media to reach out to readers but a web-based platform which is easy to manage and update.

It is my strong belief that we will continue to get your constant support in taking this cause forward. We’ve begun to cherish great dreams around the e-journal as we wish it reaches every literary buff in the world with more thrilling content, poetry, fiction, non-fiction and essays. But only your support will add fuel to fires in us. Let us do it beyond one can think of. Let us take it to the level it deserves. It’s NOT merely the Anniversary of The Literary Yard. It’s the Anniversary of every one of us. So once again, I wish us all a very happy Anniversary!!

On behalf of The Literary Yard team
Onkar Sharma



  1. Suberb. TLY is a wonderful literary destination. Read a lot of good stuff on this site. Amazing. Wish you a very happy Anniversary!

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