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By: Chandra S Dubey


They came masqueraded like goblins, phantoms of death
In some animated comics we had seen in thrill of joy
Bodies covered , guns in their hands but souls naked,
And then opened fire hitting our heads, eyes and chests
Putting us to eternal silence in this feast of fury .
They came , seiged our class rooms and teachers
Splintered our frail bodies, dreams in pools of blood
Innocence drowned into river of insanity.
They did it for they never knew that innocence massacred
Is innocence lost to the ocean of humanity . .
They hit us, the cut bled, the pain was sharp,
and then we fell, passing our terror to other’s feelings.
When we go home , we shall ask God-
Why you gave us life, dream and sudden blows of devils?
Give them a soulful sense, eyes that see and heart that feels
The sad satiety of parted souls and wailing loved ones.
Oh! almighty we washed their sins in our holy blood
So that you could bless them with a loving heart to spare the rest.



  1. Phantoms of Death has its timing and sensibility both iimmaculate yet it has the power to transcend time and space because of its innate capacity to evoke the best of human pathos in the face of worst of tragedies. Congratulations
    Dr. C S Dubey! You are at your best agains.

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