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By: Reese Scott


When they first met they both knew this was the person they wanted to be with. Things went effortlessly. They made each other laugh. They made each other happy. They shared the same dreams. To live in a home and have a family.

The first year was perfect. They made love each night both climaxing together. Holding hands when they walked down the street and kissed no matter where they were.

Neither of them knew if it was the change of the season. Now it was winter. They both loved the snow and found it romantic. But this year the snow was different. He could feel her moving away and she could feel that he no longer kissed her the same. They each began to try to understand what was happening between them.

At night they slept next to each other but now they turned away from each other when they went asleep. They still made love but it was no longer the same. They began to fight and no longer made each other laugh.

When he felt her pulling farther and farther away it was hard for him to sleep in the same bed. It was hard to sleep next to someone who no longer wants you. At night when she lay in bed she would close her eyes pretending she was asleep. When he tried to touch her it no longer felt like him but a stranger.

Soon the silence turned to fighting and the fighting was impossible to stop. They each sat alone trying to understand what went wrong. But neither could find a way back to the other.

When he slept he would find himself at an airport carrying his life in suitcases. He would board the plane and each time the plane took off he was the only one there. In his dream he was flying to meet her but each time the plane wouldn’t stop.

When she slept she thought of Christmas and opening presents. But she was now alone. Each present she opened was empty. The Christmas cards all blank and there was never a tree and the snow was nowhere to be seen.

Soon they were sleeping in separate beds. Neither able to look at one another. He felt it was over. She felt it was over. But he couldn’t leave her and she couldn’t leave him. No matter how unhappy they were they both felt this was the closest to happiness they would
ever reach.


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