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 By: Sam Rapth


In the hall, on the TV, a doctor was uttering the following in an excitedly composed tone.

“What is a body? Muscles and Nerves!! Practice for four days, lunch at 3 O clock and on the 4th day, you would feel hungry at around 3 O clock. Practice for four days, Sex at a particular time and you could get a sexual urge at around the same time on the 4th day. What does this mean? Your body is nothing but a physiological clock. The sexual urge that you get today might be the remains of the one that you had yesterday”

                                                            ~ * ~

“It is surprising and shocking to see the rating that has been given to me for the current financial year by you”

“Jack, there are 4 in the team excluding me, as I am the lead. I can’t give 4 to everybody. When compared with others, you have a certification pending due. That makes you obviously deserve lesser than the others. So when they get 4, you obviously got 3”

“But, my module is tougher than their modules. When I complained that, my module required time, you convinced me saying you will take care of it. I had put my trust on you and spared my time for certification on this module. Is this the way you justify it?”

“There you are, and that is the only reason, I personally recommended for your promotion myself”.

“Try to understand William. I can get a promotion only if I get a 4 rating. At this moment, the company is doing layoff and you have given me a 3 now. This would only add fuel to the fire. You are a lead. You don’t own or work on any module in the project. Among the modules that belong to our project, mine is the critical most one and it was only me who handled it. I deserve a better rating”

“What do I do Jack? There are only two things that I can do either promotion or rating. I can’t do both for you. Company has rules which I have to adhere. Even I got only a 3 this time”

                                                            ~ * ~

“Are you saying that we are in love?” William dragged the sentence, a bit longer than usual and finally said,

“Could be!”.

“Could be? You got hot in bed, the same time as now, and yesterday and day before” said Stella.

“I agree. It could be a continuation”

“So is it is just a continuation?” Stella asked.

“Not just continuation, dear. May be, it is because; I took limited chicken that you prepared today and had curd at the end of it. That did not bother my stomach. If it had, I would have rolled over on the bed with a heavy stomach pain. We could not have had this wonderful conversation”

“Oh I see. So you say that, it is just a combination of chicken and curd that we are now in bed?”

“Well not exactly. It was only my fist that came to my risk during my horny moments until you came in my life”


“It had been a matter of 10 minutes fist work. Now, I have you in my bed. So I can give, a try, to each one of my fantasies and instincts. The tender time has finally come”.

                                                                        ~ * ~


After having spied on Stella, who was under the shower in the bathroom, William tip toed to kitchen took a beaker of water, tip toed back to bedroom, poured all the water on Stella’s dry clothes in the wardrobe, kept the beaker back in the kitchen and came back to the bed. The Television that he had forgotten to put off was still running.

Moments later, William heard the shower stopping. He closed his eyes and pretended to be in sleep.

The bathroom door opened. Stella stepped out of the bathroom wearing only a towel, that struggled hardly to keep her treasures, both her protruding breasts and bouncing butts, under cover but to no avail. Like the dew drops, after a heavy shower of rain, on the leaves and flowers in any garden, drops of water textured her fair and shining skin. Her wet hair stuck to her shoulders through neck. She smelled like a fresh rose, as she always used to be.

Stella came to the wardrobe and opened the cupboard, only to find her clothes soaked in water.

“William, what the hell is this? Who poured water here” Stella screamed.

“It is only you and me in this apartment. I didn’t do it. So that leaves you, Stella” said William.

“Jeez!!  I have taken bath. All my clothes are wet. What would I wear now?”

“Wear me, Stella” said William with a smile.

“Come on William!! You have been ruining my night sleep these days like this. Not definitely for tonight. I want to sleep”

“You want to sleep? You don’t want me?” William asked shrinking his eyebrows a bit, in a naughty tone.

“Yes, I don’t want you tonight” Stella pretended to be making things clear.

“Agreed!!  But why you would want my towel when you don’t want me” saying so, William quickly rose and caught the towel, that was the only cloth that hid her treasures and pulled it.

Stella was peeled off, the only cloth the she wore. Her swollen breasts swung in rhythm in response to the sudden reveal. Stella hurriedly jumped on the bed, pulled the comforter around her body, in an attempt to cover her treasures.

“Oh, Now I got it. So you set me up, for this? Is this all your plan” Stella asked.

“No. This is not a plan. This is just a towel, dear” said William as he tickled his eyes at Stella, while trying to catch her aroma by smelling the towel.

“Looks like you are in a very romantic love mood” said Stella.

                                                                        ~ * ~

William had a conversation with a girl at Walmart. It went as follows.

“Hi Jennifer”

“Hi there”

“I work in a 4 member project as a lead, in the next building. My parents are looking for a girl for me. I kind of like the way you are. So I was just thought to talk about you to my parents. Before that, I wanted to have a word with you”

“Oh I see, yeah, I mean, even I have heard about you”

“About me!”

“Yes. You are the one who said the same thing to my friend Sara, aren’t you? How many girls, have you told this to? What kind of a guy are you? You say this to all girls you come across? I know how this thing would go. You would start this with a living together setup. Later after that, you would mess things yourself and leave because, by then, you would have had me. Well, am not interested in your proposal. Bye”

                                                                        ~ * ~

“I see. So you mean it is only fantasy and instinct that have us, together on the bed now?”

“How can we conclude it with just that? There have been a lot of layoffs going on around in my office. Fortunately, my seat is secure for the next two years. But, could those, whose seats are insecure, make out an evening like this with their lovers?”

“I got it. So finally, you say that, it is only a point of insecurity that has us in bed together”

“Well, not exactly. These days, the traffic is so heavy. But, somehow we have secured our apartment at 5 miles from office. Most people in my office are commuting more than 60 miles up and down a day. That’s a tiresome travel that would make any one go weak physically. But, I can reach home, in just 5 minutes with the car that you have gifted me. There is not much to spend on gas. So it does not bite my valet. That adds glory to my mood everyday”

“Oh! Now I got it. So it is just glory and mood that has us together in bed”

“Not precisely. At this time, normally, I have conference calls with projects mates in Arizona. I got 4 members in my team, but none of them are quality programmers. So I have to directly involve in all the modules, which ensures quality and the client is greatly appreciating my involvement and hard work. When you are identified by your hard work and talent, you fly high. Aren’t you? That keeps my mood pleasant and leaves me happily sit next to you in our fine bed at this time”.

“Oh! You say that the recognition of your fine work is the backbone for our healthy love life?”

“Not just that. You cook good food. Take care of my needs. Keep our apartment clean and tidy. You understand me much better. So we hardly have disagreements and misunderstanding, which gives no scope for another girl between us. You also look after your own health. Your assets are so inviting, voluptuous. That makes me horny the moment I look at you. That keeps me horny all day long”

“So you say that it is only sex that is between us. Not love? Isn’t it?”

“Dear, I can tell you this. Like anger, like frustration, is love a categorized feeling? What is love? Can anyone define and generalize, love, on behalf of the whole mankind? No one can. The definition differs from person to person.  No one gets love instantly Stella. Can we say, one gets love at first sight? Absolutely not! Technically, one has to go through a series of feelings, which put together, condense on someone and we call that cumulative feeling, love. To fall in love, one has to get introduced first. Then has to like, and when the liking prolongs, it matures into love”

Before William could utter the next word, Stella interrupted.

“Man! Could you please stop your boring lecture? Do you now believe, the bonding between two solids is stronger, in the middle, rather than at the ends, or not?”

“Yes I do” William stopped uttering anymore and jumped over Stella, who, by now, has given way to William’s legs in between her thighs.

~ * ~



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