Poem: A tale of two paperboats

By: Debleena Majumdar


One sunshine morning,
We floated side by side,
Two identical paperboats.
Our paper sails nodding
Gently, in tune with our
Familiar breeze of stories.

Across the orange sunset,
Floated our magic castle,
On a winding stairway of books.
A fluttering curtain of songs
Weaving years of memories and
Whispering its welcome song.

In the dark, cloudless night,
I could not see the wave of silence
That carried me over its crest.
I tossed; I turned, searching for you,
Choking on my lost words,
Spitting out pieces of our old song.

In the pale shadow of dawn
I saw you; no longer dripping wet,
Shaking yourself free from our song
You had reached the shore.
A final time, I raised my head to see,
One tiny wordless drop still on your cheek.

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