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By: Linda M Crate


i have no more words for you
we’ve dried up
you can’t force water from a rock
without divine help,
and i don’t think our withered friendship
is even worth the effort;
the blame does not fall on you or me
but both of us
we just let decay set in
until there’s no interest in even saying
you claw and claw at me with such
desperation that all i can feel
is disgust,
and i just want you to leave me alone;
there is nothing left to say
you just want to keep me around to relive the past
and i’m going to follow my dreams
no matter how much you
the past is in the past and you seem to forget
it wasn’t a pretty picture for me
my life you want me to relive were all moments
where i was pushing through every flame
of hell,
and why should i be forced to remember something
for your pleasure
should it bring me such misery?
i am the girl that remembers ever scar
don’t need to relive them, too.


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