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By: Linda M Crate


my silence to you should
speak volumes enough
i have no words i wish to say to
i am not your sister
we are no longer friends,
and the more you try to hold onto me
the more i will escape you
no one likes the
rancid scent of desperation;
lest of all me
don’t beg
i hate begging above all
and i am no god
just a woman just like you
so stop acting as i deserve all this empty
praise but stop demonizing me, too;
just let me be human
flawed and beautiful as i am—
a day without you is like
sunshine to my soul
i am sorry things decayed and fell apart
that’s not entirely my fault
every time i needed you, you were too busy
or you were never there;
i can’t help you now when you say you miss me
because i don’t miss you—
you never needed me until i became successful
that speaks volumes to me.


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