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By: Raymond Greiner


Working as an archeological researcher unveils discoveries mixed with complexities. I was summoned to this institution of learning as an instructor, teaching knowledge attained from data gathered relating to humankind’s historical pathway. Time and archeology fuse solving mysteries of the past.

The year is 3080CE and since human conception changes are staggering and monumental. Comparing past developed cultures has little resemblance to present day social order. The learning institution I am assigned is Elysium School and located on an island in the South Pacific. It’s a magnificent place, offering isolation from the smoldering remnants of previous eras.
I greet new students, “My name is Christopher and I prefer to be addressed using this name. I am not a professor, and disfavor being referenced as such; I am here to learn as well as teach we are all students. I am fifty years old and have been an archeological scientist since age twenty and have traveled the globe sponsored by an Alliance to seek precise comprehension of the human species during its journey to this place in time, uncovering details associated with historical events, their causes and overall impact to be used as planning tools for the future.
“I am genetically engineered, as are all of you. Genetic engineering became the standard for population expansion in place for nearly three hundred years and has proven effective redirecting dysfunctional behavior that previously dominated human habitation.
“Our archeological team was dedicated to scientific research and revealed details how human evolution flourished then declined and crumbled into chaos. Members of our team have been assigned to communicate knowledge acquired from our discoveries, opening discussion as application for continued social development.
“Our studies disclosed excessive population expansion was influential contributing to cultural decline and its results. Population had escalated to nearly twenty billion. Currently global population is under ten million adjusted by a series of catastrophic events generated by ethical misdirection.
“To stimulate discussion I propose to begin each lecture with student’s questions, designing content based upon these questions. If I am unable to answer particular questions it will become our collective effort to research for answers. Today is our introduction day, and tomorrow we will begin in earnest toward understanding and learning. I anticipate our interaction to be a fruitful experience.”
The next day I requested students with questions to rise and identify themselves to present questions.
The first student stood and spoke, “My name is Jerrod. Christopher, our class welcomes you and the opportunity you offer us. We have lived at Elysium School since age six and aware that as we approach maturity we will return to our place of origin. We have received curriculum teaching historical events that radically altered the planet, revealing tipping points causing extreme human social disarray. War dominating eras and catastrophic cosmic events lead to inability for global social order to find balance, which included loss of food production and distribution. What we seek is clarity explaining why and how contributing declination factors were initiated and evolved.”
Christopher responded, “I should say, Jerrod, your presentation and question may end our questioning period, at least temporarily, because it will take much time to detail what our archeological team revealed that relates to your question. However, I won’t discourage continued questioning, because as details unfold new thoughts will stimulate additional questions and these inquires must be addressed also.
“The genesis of the warring era is a good beginning. My colleagues and I conclude as human evolution gained momentum it opened opportunity for change, which provoked errors lacking long-term improvement. Ancient cultures showed minimal confrontation compared to occurrences after civil redesign, perceived to be a better place. Humans resembling us today are identified as ‘modern human species’ and represent a fraction of the human timeline. The earliest hunter-gatherer cultures were smaller in number and geographically dispersed. Hunter-gatherer models required unity with natural criterion forming societies sustained by earthly provisions. This system worked extremely well for a very long time. Neanderthal thrived in excess of 300,000 years, existing long before the modern human species appeared. Modern civil design redirected, identifying early cultures as primitive. In my opinion the term ‘primitive’ is inaccurately applied because historically ancient hunter-gatherers displayed civilized behavior equal to, or greater than, the new approach especially as it implemented changes that proved more destructive than productive. This new direction opened a series of issues forming the beginning of a downward spiral toward social collapse.
“The essence of the new ambition was to reduce or eliminate challenges hunter-gatherers confronted. Land ownership and strict border identities were established, forming cities, causing class distinction and social separation. These changes centralized survival needs and this new urbanized social profile became dependent on larger scale agriculture as its means of support.
“An efficient distribution method was needed. Barter was used in early stages then money was created. Money’s installation caused social change. Housing and land attached monetary value, as a demonstration of wealth, or lack of it. Over time, money evolved into limitless methods of influence. Government taxation of property, goods and services increased the power of money. The original civil concept became misguided, shifting to governmental ambitions, using money as its primary lever placing the overall good of the populace on a lower rung of importance. Government leadership continued to gain power over the people. Fear of border encroachment created need for military, marking the beginning of large-scale warfare. Agricultural tools were reshaped into weapons. Harvesting sickles were converted to swords and hauling carts transformed into war chariots. Sumer had a standing army as early as 3000 BCE. These infused social intricacies opened new direction that continued for thousands of years into the future, expanding far beyond what early cultures could have ever imagined.
“Does anyone have further questions at this point?”
A young woman stood and identified herself, “I am Samantha. Christopher, what I gain from your presentation is that the door toward war and convoluted social disorder opened when agricultural development expanded sufficiently to support urban lifestyles, which by design lent itself to a need for a monetary system leading to perceived need for government. Add border instability created predictable results. How could this new social design not recognize the potential dysfunction of this development?”
Christopher’s response, “Your comment and question are worthy and I often asked this question. However, beyond the outline presented are underlying forces, causes and reasons why war, armies and power appeared in order. Human psychology was not well understood during these times and much of what occurred was spontaneous viewing confrontation as resolution. Humanity uniformly shares similar intellectual patterns. Archeological findings reveal these patterns were directly instrumental during social development intervals.
“Human genes mix compassion with a desire to harm and conquer. The conquest genes surfaced as dominant. The power of money moved to prominence, as the wealthy discovered methods to exploit those with less. From this base came war’s manifestation. War intensified, developing more powerful weaponry. As time passed warring eventually reached a point where its psychology turned upon itself, victimizing our species wholly. New countries evolved, spreading geographically forming separate cultures and establishing new boundaries as intolerance escalated, stirring increased conflict. Technically advanced weapons were developed capable of killing millions in an instant. Countries became fearful of each other making it imperative they develop these powerful weapons as a means of defense. Eventually one of these lethal weapons was activated and the range of death and destructiveness was a shocking reality, revealing consequences these weapons were capable of. Agreements were then sought to curtail the use of these weapons although governments continued to develop and expand arsenals.
“The fear of these weapons created brief lull in war then fanatical leaderships reactivated them. The effects were beyond imagination and opposing countries were nearly destroyed, as arsenals were unleashed leaving minimal survivors. Many died from after effects, which caused atmospheric disruption, radioactive fallout and food contamination. Cancer deaths increased from radiation exposure. The world’s population continued its downward spiral for more than two hundred years, with survivors clinging to life in any fashion they could contrive. Over long spans of time tribes and clans formed and gained back self-sufficiency by reinstalling agriculture on a lower, more manageable scale, to serve smaller population groups. From this point the realization of social errors were vividly apparent. Scattered tribal units unified toward species advancement recognizing need to redesign human genetics, which was identified as the impetus of war mentality. This was a challenging task, and because of civil reversal less knowledge was available toward methods for genetic redirection, although the reasoning was valid and this change appeared to be the only hope for species survival.
“Decline and social failure was implemented by genetic imbalance allowing evil and selfish dispositions to gain control. It was clearly evident that genetic restructuring offered opportunity to emphasize love, compassion toward overall betterment.
“Any new questions at this point?”
Samantha stood and asked, “Christopher, how did these few survivors engender high numbers of genetically designed people?”
Christopher’s response, “This event was the most compelling of our archeological team’s mission, leading to present social status. Through unification with other surviving groups an Alliance was formed designated to seek expansion void of historic domination and control. Psychological and technical knowledge that related to this effort was salvaged from the remnants of metropolitan zones. Genetic engineering is not test tube procreation; it develops over long spans of time through careful partner selection choosing those displaying characteristics offering greater potential for a balanced and harmonious future. Love and compassion genes become dominant. Humanity reacts exactly as all earthly life forms conforming to environmental conditions, which forms foundations for future development. Prior to our current era the power of money was the predominant societal influence becoming incorrectly directed by corruptive greed. Land ownership and border encroachment sensitivity initiated aggressive social behavior in a quest to conquer and control, which propagated war environment and those living within this condition embraced it, viewing war as its tool. As weaponry sophistication advanced it became apparent war offered no solution only continuation leading to near global human annihilation. The widespread devastation and after effects forced survivors to reconnect to Earth’s natural offerings. Land ownership and money had no influence as they realized their only hope for a continued existence was to discover methods of obtaining water, food and shelter among elements from a natural state, stimulated by recognized need for unity with their natural surroundings. Urban areas, previously heavily populated, were unlivable with polluted air, soil and water and new social structure was only possible by distancing from contaminated zones, learning to survive through detachment from previous conditions. Survivors learned the importance of blending with the Earth, complimenting its elements in an embrace of frugality, melded with conservation. What the historic failed culture identified as ‘primitive’.
“Nature’s perfection is illustrated when studied closely, revealing uniformity and balance, extracting necessities, in an effort to achieve longevity through reproduction.
“So, here we are, with a new set of principles unrelated to the previous warring era. Elysium School is your temporary residence, and many similar schools are dispersed throughout the world. Your parents sent you here at a very early age allowing a concentrated learning opportunity from the best teachers available to gain essential knowledge toward assimilation into the society of your birthplace. You are learning the rudiments of life applied in the small villages of your origin. These villages are located in temperate latitudes for ease of growing food, offering abundant rainfall, which is a basic source of life. There are no local roads or vehicle access to the villages. Residents and visitors are moved to nearby locations using Alliance sponsored transport, and then walk to the village location. Isolation was considered necessary and influential in unison with the original concept’s success. In the beginning early inhabitants carried tools necessary to build dwellings and raise gardens. These pioneers were schooled at an early age in all aspects relating to this challenge. They were educated at Peace School in the central region of what was previously The United States of America. This country no longer exists, destroyed by massive atomic attacks from opposing philosophies with ambition to destroy this country. This occurred hundreds of years prior to Peace School’s establishment. These early students learned self-sustainability and as they advanced gained additional skills. They numbered 200, equal male and female all with exceptional intelligence, genetically oriented toward compassion and non-confrontational behavior, combined with specialized physical skills and abilities. These pioneers partnered and raised families becoming self-sufficient. The Alliance of that era named this group ‘Pilgrims of Tranquility’. They killed no animals and raised hemp to be processed for clothing. They also learned natural plant food sources. This group worked as a team in every manner. They met frequently planning their future. Solar power allowed communication with the Alliance; in addition, Pilgrims kept journals, which is required reading for all students. No prominent leader was assigned and monetary systems were unnecessary. They read books, transmitted electronically. They learned music at Peace School and played various instruments as a source of entertainment and social interaction. Initially, skeptics viewed this concept as unworkable but it proved otherwise over time. This example of living are the principles applied to villages located throughout the world and when you come of age will return to your respective villages.
“Are there any additional questions?”
One student stood, “I am Sara, and would enjoy reading the journals of the ‘Pilgrims of Tranquility’ and their lives. Where can I find these journals?”
Christopher responded, “They are at the library under archives. These journals will give insight I am unable to give as a teacher.
“This group is nearing final stages of curriculum and from here forward you will engage in counseling explaining details of the new life you are about to enter. Your parents will be your final teachers and guides and will influence you more than anyone. I am available at any time for any reason to discuss thoughts relating to your venture forward.”
Sara found the journals of The Pilgrims of Tranquility and began reading a passage written by one of the pioneers.
“My name is Marlene, and I share my life with my partner Caleb and we are among a group chosen to participate in an experimental life pursuit in opposition to previous design, that nearly destroyed itself, driven by an orientation toward war. Excessive population growth combined with over consumption caused inability to discover social equilibrium. Our group was formed and educated at Peace School from infancy to young adulthood. Our teachers and guides during our time at Peace School were instrumental in our gaining ability to achieve success developing our lives to the place we have arrived.
“Our number of original participants was two hundred, one hundred males and one hundred females. Males and females lived in adjacent barracks and shared each day studying and working toward a common goal. As we matured we established partnerships.
“We settled in five separate communes and learned a self sufficient life. No monetary system is used. Our main strength and influence comes from applying unity and sharing to all phases of daily life.
“Globally many remained in the old social design and restructured this design. Atomic weapons no longer exist but the remaining members of the old culture are entrapped in a system dominated by over consumption, material wealth and social separation. This philosophy applied the axiom of survival of the fittest, which was responsible for escalation of war. Our commune life does not embrace ‘survival of the fittest’ logic, recognizing that some will perform to a higher degree than others, but often those who may display weakness in one fashion will achieve efficiency in another. We have witnessed this occurring as we develop as a community.
“Alliance leaders express we have set an example for future programs similar to what we have proven successful.”
Sara was astonished, and reading Marlene’s journal caused her to realize that she and her fellow students are attached to something unique and very important to the future of humanity.
Christopher’s class met for its final gathering. Sadness loomed over students and teacher knowing this would end their time together.
Christopher spoke, “I am certain you all feel melancholy, as do I, knowing this represents be our final meeting. Dramatic change is on your horizon and what you have learned at Elysium School is important, but represents minimal knowledge compared to what you will learn from here forward. Your parents are highly skilled and will guide you into a system of self-reliance and subsistence. You will be overwhelmed at the efficiency you will witness. Knowledge gained at Elysium will blend with genetic traits melding with daily life developed over generations among those who have proven a system opposing previous destructive eras.
“It is important to me to receive communication from any or all of you describing how your lives are impacted by what you have learned here and what you will learn as you return to your settlements. It will be a grand day when you arrive back to your place of birth. There will be celebration, joy and music, and fine food will be served. This day will never be forgotten. I wish I could share this moment with you.”
Sara arose, with tears in her eyes. “Christopher, its important to us that you are aware of our depth of appreciation for your lessons. This bond is felt by all of us and it is my pledge to communicate what occurs as we venture into our new life.”
The remainder of the class stood and clapped and Christopher could barely hold back tears. It was a sensuous and powerful moment.
The students leave within a week and return to respective villages. They arrived at Elysium School ten years ago and have not seen their parents since that time. They communicated using electronic mail documenting experiences and progress. Quality academic preparation is a vital contributor toward communal symbiosis, which forms the foundation for successful social development. It is imperative that these young men and women approach their future with knowledge reaching beyond raising crops and daily manual work. They are now prepared academically, increasing strength to cope with challenges, which are certain to appear. No cities remain in these current times and over many years restructuring urban zones has been attempted and always failed. Current design toward social simplicity reconnects components lost during warring and overconsumption eras, plagued with greed mentality and extreme overpopulation. Altruism has returned and is embraced with reverence, in praise of Earth’s spiritual synchrony. Growing food, carrying water, gathering firewood and making clothing heightens social connection, blending in a loving link, enhancing a sense of personal worth, not apparent during previous societal impairment influenced by excess and government’s drive toward domination and control. Confidence is gained through knowledge, framing desire and ability to become self-sustaining, outlined in opposition to previously failed social formats.
Message from Sara, “Christopher: My dear teacher and friend. When you spoke of life’s escalation upon return to our birthplace I failed to comprehend its magnitude. To imagine the impact of what you attempted to explain is impossible. This experience exposes an entirely different view revealing meaningful direction. In brief, it’s like receiving a beautiful surprise gift each morning when I awaken. I would not appreciate the worth of this experience without Elysium School’s curriculum learning of the labyrinthine pathway leading to this opportunity.
“I work in our family garden and also contribute tending our communal garden. My brother is a master hemp artisan converting hemp into cloth for clothing. We grow and preserve organic foods and place great importance on meals and their preparation. We have two wells with hand pumps to serve the community and carry our water. Our small houses are heated with woodstoves and we have composing toilets. Solar panels provide power for our community center where we have access to electronic communication used for research and to send messages to the Alliance and also friends.
“The most stimulating time is the evening when the village meets in the communal area as a means of celebrating the day’s achievements including discussions of daily work and plans for the next day. Everyone plays a musical instrument and several are chosen each evening to perform. Music leaves an ideal mood for the day’s conclusion.
“Christopher, I may never see you again and this saddens me. Your teachings penetrated us at Elysium School. I wish you could meet my parents; they truly amaze me displaying knowledge to gain the most from our simplistic life.
“Please write when you have time. I would enjoy hearing from you to learn about your new classes. Your devoted student, Sara”
A few days later Sara received a message from Christopher.
“Dear Sara: Such a joy to receive your message. I am delighted to hear your life is tracking well. Teaching centers my life offering a sense of value. All those years in the field with fellow scientists culminated to this place and time and I am grateful. Student interaction offers meaning and the satisfaction I receive is equal to what I may give.
“The Alliance encourages teachers to spend a week each summer visiting community sites to rendezvous with former students and give presentations on various subjects including status at Elysium School. I plan to visit your community this coming summer, planning to stay a week. It gives me something to look forward to and also a break from academia.
“I will give you date and time when the arrangement is finalized. What a grand day it will be to see you, meet your parents and learn of your life. Christopher”
Christopher was transported to the trailhead to Aspen Village on the morning of June 10th and Sara was waiting as his guide.
“Christopher, I’m over here, I estimated your arrival time. This is so wonderful; I can’t believe you are really here. I’ll carry your large pack and you carry the smaller pack. It’s a two-hour hike to the village. My parents are beside themselves to meet you. You will stay in the guest room at the community center. Everyone has been talking about your visit, it’s so exciting for us.”
Smiling, Christopher hugged Sara, “I am excited to be here. It’s a beautiful place, so many aspen trees.”
Sara said, “My parents names are Edward and Sally Morgan. They wanted to come, but I asked them not to because I wanted our first meeting at this place to be teacher and student reuniting. I feel so good about your visit. So much to talk about, see and discuss with everyone.”
The two started up the trail, a slight uphill, and then flattened out. It was a warm day with many birds and wildflowers were along the trail. Sara talked as they hiked explaining details of the village and its functions.
Sara said, “Several have volunteered to prepare a celebration dinner held at communal meeting house and a few older residents will speak expressing their appreciation for you arranging time to travel to our village. It’s all everyone talks about.”
Soon the village came in view, a beautiful setting. Small houses scattered in a dale among aspen. As they approached a man and woman greeted them, introducing themselves as Edward and Sally.
Shaking Christopher’s hand Edward said, “Christopher, Sally and I are delighted you were able to visit. It’s all Sara has talked about for days. You will enjoy this place and we look forward to anything you will share with us.”
Christopher said, “I am honored to meet you both. This is a rare opportunity and will be a memorable one.”
Sally said, “Christopher, we will show you your room at the communal center and then tour the village and you can meet everyone. It’s a beautiful day and we will have lunch at our house. You will meet our son William at the hemp shed where he works daily sorting and processing hemp, he is responsible tending the hemp field, receiving assistance during planting and harvest.”
Sara made the introductions and served as tour guide. And the residents were abuzz about Christopher’s arrival and happy to meet him. A wonderful celebration dinner was held at the communal center. After the dinner Christopher spoke.
“Greetings, this has been a day to remember. It’s my first visit to a village and it is exciting for me.
“I was never offered opportunity to live in a village. After my education the Alliance assigned me to a team of archeological researchers and I spent thirty years pursing this endeavor, studying the meandering evolutionary road of humankind. Your living pattern is similar to mine as an archeologist. Our research group reflected what your village life demonstrates, a complete team effort.
“Many contributing events and issues have influenced our direction divulging a central question. How can we, as a species, blend cohesively with the planet and ourselves? We recognized the need for adjustment within our environment as opposed to shunning it. As society developed to what was perceived as modern design it attempted to redirect environmental conditions toward greater personal ease of living, distancing from physical challenges required coexisting with Earth.
“We are cognizant of the series of events causing near self-destruction and these events stimulated installation of improved guidelines created through Alliance inspired applications.
“Our new approach mirrors nature’s design. Ancient cultures also unified with Earth’s cycles. Typically, credit for our success is given to the Alliance for this new direction; however, Earth’s presence revealed purpose and the Alliance recognized its natural rhythms establishing a philosophical base forming a synthesis in concert as opposed to resistance. Earth knows exactly what it is doing, where it has been, and where it is going. Our planet is our spiritual Oracle as we follow toward the future. As with all life forms we mutate to conditions in an effort to sustain and expand as a species in companionship with Earth.
“Near the end of my student’s curriculum I requested communication from them explaining how their lives unfolds as they adjust to their new environment. Many responded, but Sara was especially diligent describing vividly all involved in her daily life. Sara’s communication inspired me to visit and touch your lives in this beautiful village. I am pleased beyond description and will remain forever grateful for your wonderful hospitality. Thank you all.”
The villagers cheered and the entire event was fulfilling and meaningful. Christopher returned to teaching and the village returned to its routines. At this space in time tranquility, harmony and balance have been discovered and longevity prevails.
Long ago, when The Pilgrims of Tranquility were beginning to establish this new model much doubt and apprehension was shared by the Alliance and the Pilgrims. The complication of large-scale genetic design seemed insurmountable and no clear course appeared. Many on the planet at that time remained trapped in the old system and its intense complexities. The Pilgrim’s success by example was the eventual influence that activated expansion. They discovered methods of complete self-reliance, learned new techniques toward detachment from the old system. Their intelligence expanded creative new ideas and goals. They worked as a unit pertaining to ambition toward a better world for the future.
Christopher sent Sara a copy of the journal describing The Pilgrim’s first year living in their commune. Also included a photo of Caleb and Marlene before they had children. They looked so young and vibrant standing at the entrance of a domed house. Sara put this photo on the wall in her bedroom. It gave her comfort maintaining her memory of reading of Caleb and Marlene’s life and caused a higher connection with these two historic pioneers of peace and tranquility.
In the days following Christopher’s departure, Sara became more astute to her life each day and its value. She felt more attached to the animals and birds that shared her life. A pair of geese flew over in voice side by side. A meadowlark was singing on a high limb of an aspen tree. A doe and fawn, unafraid and accustomed to human presence were grazing near a couple as they hoed their garden. She had been educated (academically) at Elysium School but this new classroom was of a higher dimension, with greater purpose, in a cradle of love and meaning that could not be taught in a typical school setting. White, billowy clouds filled the sky opening with patches of blue. Nearby was a catbird perched in a thorn bush, as a stick bug sat motionless unseen by the keen eyed catbird, all combining to create Sara’s world, as she felt the energy of Earth’s beckoning hand showing clear direction to the future and longevity.


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