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William Shakespeare wrote Double Falsehood play


According to a news, researchers have confirmed that William Shakespeare is the author of the play ‘Double Falsehood’. The study was conducted in collaboration with James Pennebaker, also at UT-Austin which provides a deeper exploration of an author’s psychological profile. ‘Double Falsehood’ was published in 1728 by Lewis Theobald, who claimed to have based the play on three original Shakespeare manuscripts. But the modern analysis based on the scientific methods has revealed the true author of the play.

It is a good news for Shakespeare fans as one more play has been added to his name after centuries. Also known as ‘Bard of Avon’, Shakespeare is famous for his plays such as “Hamlet.” “Romeo and Juliet.” “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.”, among others. For centuries, these plays and three dozen more have formed history’s most heralded literary canon. But now they have to make room for an addition to Shakespeare’s famous oeuvre.


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