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By: Linda M Crate


you always try to silence me
to cut off the fires of my stars until
nothing remains but a broken
shell of what i once was,
but my will is stronger than you think
i will never surrender;
the more you try to force me into
i will only claw away finding an escape
to soar back into the sky—
my moon mother has put fires in my eyes
that cannot be dimmed
your storms will never knock me out of the
sky for you do not possess the strength
to contain me,
and my locks are like the wings of phoenix
they will only burn you as i destroy
your city;
i came in peace but you declared war and i will
not be subjected to your unkindness
i always wondered why it was an insult to be
compared to a woman and a compliment to be like a
man because i never desire to be anything
like you.


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