New Tech to help you with good handwriting on PCs and Tablets

writeITTyping on computers is a no-brainer since it does not need any handwriting skills. But of late, tablets and PCs have applications where you have to write with your hand. But your handwriting is not the same as you with the pen in your notebook or paper. Lenovo, computer and tablet company, has announced WRITEit, which it claims is an innovative new software application that makes the handwriting experience on select pen-enabled devices better. WRITEit, claims the company, transforms pen-writing to a truly useful and practical solution for entering input. It allows users to write nearly anywhere they can type.

It works across select Lenovo Windows 8 devices with digitizer, active pen or AnyPen technology and provides real-time feedback and correction. All these advantages encourage more opportunities for users to write with a pen rather than type on a keyboard, giving them a continuous, faster and more accurate experience.

WRITEit works in the background as users are writing and converts handwriting to text characters in real time. Speedy writers will love the automatic suggestion tool that offers alternatives to unrecognized words, helping to catch typos and getting text right the first time. A collection of gesture commands also makes editing easy.

“While touch technology has fundamentally changed the way consumers use their PCs and other devices today, handwriting technology has lagged behind, until now with WRITEit,” said Mark Cohen, vicepresident, Ecosystem and Monetization Business Group, Lenovo. “Users told us they wanted a more natural, intuitive and accurate handwriting experience to make their touch device much more of a creation engine, and that’s exactly what WRITEit delivers.”

According to the company, WRITEit is available for the following pen-enabled devices: ThinkPad YOGA, ThinkPad Helix, ThinkPad 10 and YOGA Tablet 2 8-in with Windows featuring AnyPen technology. Users of these models can download WRITEit for free starting April 15 here: Lenovo will be bringing WRITEit to future products later this year.


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