Literary Yard

Search for meaning

By: Natana Vasuki


Often I embed as a pollen grain
Inside a pretty fragrant blossom
You come as a bee and pick me up
to show the varieties of life….
Often I lay as a smooth pebble
Inside a placid river
You come as a gush of water
To take me places….
Often I lay dormant as a shell
On the vast sea shore
You come as a jubilant wave
to wrap me up in your arms…
Often I fall like a withered leaf
From a sturdy old tree
You come as a gentle wind
And lift me up like a kite….
Often I lose my way
In the paths of life
You come as my savior to unfold
the layers of self discovery…
Often I let myself down
Deep in my dark conscience
You come as an aura
to enlighten my soul…


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