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By: Hardeep Sabharwal


All those legend of your liveliness and courage,
entered in my bones as ants,
forming an ant hill,
like a newly wedded girl’s Bangle’s lyrics,
chanting day and night,
I don’t understand,
There must be some other words
Which can decipher envy and love in sync,
The more I envied the more I loved,
The more I loved the more I envied,
You wished, just as all parents do,
I failed, and left it for some other day to discover,
When a friend told, I should quit,
I can’t be more than a shadow,
under your lordship,
I can agree to these words,
But can future shed its past,
And there is nothing more magical,
in my life,
Then the solace of your love,
So I went, to not go .


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