Literary Yard

Search for meaning

By: Jayanthi Raja Seenivasan


When do you ever kiss the blue skies?
What do you whisper to the passing clouds?
How do you dance to the singing cuckoos?
How do you swing with perched parrots?
Where do you manage so many hues and colours?
Where do you steal all shades of green?
What are the shapes the leaves leave behind?
The smell, the shapes, the height and weight
Mind boggling variety,
How and how is it possible?
How without drooping, you hire your branches
To any bird that builds its nest there?
How do you untiringly ever allow,
Any winged creature to perch on you?
How selflessly you provide shade
To any passer by, selfish or selfless?
How can you so rhythmically sway
With the ruffling breeze?
How can you so strongly stay
Against all disastrous storms?
How can you play hide and seek
Day in and Day out
With the yellow sun and mellow moon?
How beautiful are your rings
Which clearly spell your age?
What dexterity in the intertwined branches?
What intricacy in the petal shapes?
How glamourous you are in spring?
How awesomely drenched during showers
When you are draped in droplets?
How refreshingly gleaming in the dawn
When you are bathed in dew drops
Before the embracing sun rays emerge?
Do you ever feel the pain but never cry
When the selfish man’s axe is on you?
‘You”are my garden decors,
My neighbourhood extravaganzas,
World’s most sought after saviour today.
The swaying wonders
The swinging spas…………………
……………a friend for all, foe for none
…………………………The Towering TREES
The sTREEtsmart beings…………..on Earth.


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