What’s your poetic expression – seen or felt?

springgalePoetry begins with a bunch of feelings that can mean, if not everything, at least something to everyone universally. Poetry is thus not the slave of professional poets who have penned or who will pen poems the way Shakespeare, Wordsworth, Robert Frost, etc did. It lies in everybody, every object (which inspires you to sing or imagine), and every thing around us. The best examples are quite apparent in everyday life as you can see poetry all around such as, on the tailgates of trucks, in the wall writings, the slogans, the friendly chit-chat and celebratory euphoria, etc.

Literary Yard wants to know your observations of poetry. Simply send your short, crisp thoughts about the poetic observations you may have had. We would be glad to feature the best ones in the Literary Yard. Remember the honest expressions are the best as they are exclusive to you. Copied ones may seem masterly but are bound to have a short-life since they are not fresh.

We’re waiting!


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