Literary Yard

Search for meaning

By: Linda M. Crate


i like to wear
the thoughts
of stars and trees on my
but no one understands
they all scoff at the ideas that flutter
like butterflies
through the sun filled forest
of my soul
deep rooted in morality and love
kindness and compassion;
and a need to be
i cannot apologize for this
for i am who i am
unique from everyone in that there is only
one me
there may be someone like me but they
are not me and so i can admire
my muchness—
i’ve learned i would much rather make myself happy
than try to please the world because they
are ever fickle and constantly
changing their mind,
and so i will
stand in the heart of creeks and rivers and valleys
and simply bloom like a flower
because love is a fragrance that should
grow in everyone’s garden.


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