6 Trends of the literary publishing domain

bookmarketThe Internet has transformed the book world significantly. It has shifted the power corners and given more powers to aspiring authors since they can publish online on their own using multiple platforms. At the same time, the Internet has confused the literary world a lot particularly about the literature, the trends and the genres in vogue. It is not easy to predict anything – especially the mood of the audience which earlier was easy because the famous publishers used to define the trends. Authors and other stakeholders remain clueless as to what on earth the readers will love to read. While this confusion prevails, here are the trends that influence the book or the literary world a lot.

The Victory of Visual Literature

Given that readers on the Internet are more after the visual content, marketers and publishers are seriously trying everything to impress upon through unique and great visuals for the books to be launched. Even a number of authors and publishing houses are experimenting with visual content and are trying to serve readers content in different flavors. The battle to reach more readership is on. Marketers are creating new campaigns for books and authors that can flock the online community around them. The visual literature is largely complementing the written books. .

The Never-ending Stories

The internet may have changed a lot for the stakeholders in the literature world but a number of authors are busing scripting stories that are long and never end. This has mainly happened with the television influence on the literature. Storytellers are scripting stories that have prospects to be adapted into a serial, etc. In most of the TV serials the audience finds that the story keeps on moving and is not after the end.

Data-driven stories

Today, most of the novels mainly sci-fic and thrillers will give you a sense of data pumped into them to make you believe. Actually emphasis on logic is taking place in most of the novels. A number of authors are after throwing details – scientific, economic, mathematical and geographical, etc. This is not new but the trend has become more rampant.

Tablet reading

While the love of print is still intact in many of the readers, it is a truth that a number of readers are reading on the tablets or ebook readers such as Kindle, etc. This new trend has brought fame to a few people who only wrote and published on the Kindle store without a publisher. It is believed that this trend will continue to grow as more books would be consumed in the form of ebooks.

Instant Translation of online literary content

We’ve seen this at home with Literaryyard.com. A lot of users translate the entire website into their local language using Google Translate to read and understand the content. It is amazing. Although the translation is not hundred percent correct, it is largely helpful.


The trend of printing large stacks of a new book is almost gone. There is focus on providing print copies as the demand grows further. Publishers are marketing their books with less number of print copies as they know readers are buying ebooks largely that help them save on print. It is a positive trend and saves millions of currency.


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