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By: Rajandeep Garg


A mess of withered leftovers
of gooseberry amongst stalks of lavender sheen,
a bed of leaves sepia and a penumbra
of shadows dawn my backyard rough,
but glowing amber with polka dots
from light through mothy leaves.
I know has someone feasted already
ere forth the day’s toil,
robed seamless in green,
zipped gently around his neck
and lips still rose of goodbye kiss,
frozen I tread,
the grass wilt of gleaming dew
and a sweet-ache élan
in my mind fancy the flair
of his spread-out wings
silhouetted o’er the opulent pale sky
Ain’t a perfect thanksgiving?


Rajandeep Garg is a young Civil Engineer of 26, and is now more of a writer. In fact, he believes that construction gives his abstractions a unique concrete value. He served as Secretary of a Literary Society during his engineering in Thapar University, India. He is a member of United Haiku and Tanka Society. He spends his nights writing poetry and exploring the sky. He is a follower of the philosophy of Ayn Rand: Objectivism.


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