Poem: strong

By: Linda M Crate

i remember
her mismatched eyes
but they were beautiful
in their own right;
in a world that wishes us all to conform
wish i had been brave enough
to tell her that
but all i wanted was to fit so hard in that
square peg when i knew i was a
circle because acceptance
was more important
than being myself
i was a foolish little misfit just wanting and
searching desperately for love
in all the wrong places
caring too much about the wrong things—
she tried to give me a smile,
but i ignored it;
wanting too desperately to keep my head down
already well aware i was an outcast
not knowing why
just wanted everyone to love me,
but they never gave me their acceptance only their
now i walk free and i walk strong knowing
there is no shame in being me
it’s a pity no one teaches you that in school,
but most of the hardest lessons i have ever learned i’ve
had to learn on my own;
it’s made me strong
just as she always was.


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