Poem: The Seasons of Thought

By: Kousik Adhikari


The seasons of thought throughout the night
Tease, taunt, and hunt me,
Conscious of her universe
Spilling from the sudden conviction
That we are present after every withdrawal
And still another poem possible.
Perhaps the night
Dogs around the mystery
Life and death possess,
Because night is all human with hands and legs
Because most of the avenues did not return
Because religion had no church.
The realm at the back of my world
The world stands bleak
When she found it,
Her letters still crazy about me
Writing a serious adventure story
In search of diamonds, jewels of snake
And thousand things
That may not confirm the world.
Certainly rose is a symbol,
Certainly you do not hide your face
Certainly one has to leap over
Thousand realities to step into dream.


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