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By: Pijush Kanti Deb

Sometimes I feel myself a kite
flying thousand miles up
above your mesmerizing hand
holding me with the veins of your heart
and I find myself too
standing in a meadow of twinkling stars
looking at the tiny sparkles of aurora
moving around my good luck
and shinning my dreamy eyes
as I can still touch your face
and check your dimples
as deep as the depth of my love
into which you fell down one good day
along with your paradise
making my solo – a whirling song
a dramatic duet
inspiring the cuckoos to play flutes
and the colorful flowers
with wings and no wings
to fly and dance with me
surrendering your juicy lips
to my thirsty lips
sketching a long pretty smile
to settle me and my love
from a desert
to an enchanting pampas of your sweet heart.


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