Story: The Twist in the Tale

By: Sri Ram


I was sure he was going to pull the trigger.

The tubular mouth of the semi-automatic pistol, was now pointing to the center of my chest. Chances were ample that, in a few seconds, it may spit a .17 LR calibre Bullet, whose trajectory would penetrate my heart, which is pumping hard now with a high blood pressure.

My adrenaline is impressive on its reflex but i was in no mood to appreciate it. I was always scared of darkness. Even at night, I used to keep a zero watts lamp, on. Look at the other side of uncertainty. Nature gives only that thing to you, which you hate a lot.

The gun was in my name. I took the gun long back, for my safety. I never even keep it loaded all the times. I was very careful. But now that very same gun was in his hand. How unfortunate!!

I knew him. He would have me killed. And set it up in such a way that, it would appear to others as if, I killed myself. He is so clever. I knew him. Even now, when he was holding the pistol against me, he is wearing a glove to save his finger prints. How cunning!!

I don’t have any other choice. He is 10 feet away from me. His index finger is already on the trigger. His fists are stronger than mine. No doubt. I can’t do anything and he would pull the trigger anytime now.

I prayed god to spare me in the afterlife. I sincerely hoped that at least my last prayers would be heard.

There was no point in kneeling down before your enemy who was intended to show any respect to a corpse, wants to throw your dead body to vultures and beg for your life. There can never be a humiliation worse than this. I would rather be glad to embrace death.

I could not imagine the depth of pain that a bullet could give you by penetrating through your midrib. But I was left with no choice now. I was to face the bullet.

All of a Sudden, without even a warning or a sigh, that cunning son of a bitch, pulled the trigger.

…………….. Wait a minute?…………………

What do you think would have happened next?…. Can you guess?… I should ask this question now because, this is a supposed to be suspense story… It is supposed to dodge your wild guesses. So, How do you think, I would put an end card for this story?



The bullet was indeed fired but I wore a bullet proof vest??



The bullet was struck inside the gun and never was fired??



The gun itself was nothing but a fake one??



The gun was not loaded. So no Bullets!!

No. No. No. No. No. No.

Guess, you have under estimated me. Just like how you underestimate the mother nature always and keep consuming its resources like a parasite for your selfish living. I am not so cheap.

Here is how the story ends.

The bullet was indeed fired. My heart beat so much faster that the last thing I saw was me, falling down, with pain in my heart and the world in front of my eyes, wiped out rapidly. Did I not tell you, I had High BP? Darkness engulfed. No hit. No blood.

The bullet hit me or not?
Was it painful?
Was I alive or dead?
Was he successful in killing me?

All that, I would get to know only when I wake up. So please wait until I wake up. I will surely tell you, what happened.


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