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A poem is believed to be music to the ears – when murmured, hummed, spoken or sung. If it sounds perfect when read and spoken, it has passed the first and the most important test. Meaning and imagination are two qualitative elements that determine the life of your poem and which have to be eventually added. To achieve a longer life and greatness for a poem, all the mentioned ingredients have to be in place in equal proportion.

But what is the meaning of ‘equal’ here? Indeed, a difficult question which nobody can answer with certainty. It might mean too much music. At times It might mean too much meaning. Even it might mean too much emotions and feelings. In short, it depends. There is no perfect recipe to compose a great poem. However, there are few things that are important for making poem readable. Furthermore, we must know how to read a poem. Often students do not know how to read the poem. It is art. It is easy to learn if a few things are kept in mind.

This is the reason we have fetched a small video from YouTube that will throw light on a few necessary elements of reading poetry.



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