Poem: i miss you

By: Linda M Crate


i know you are gone,
but that doesn’t stop me from
missing you;
i remember your fierce strength
and your courage and your bravery
i recall the way we used
to laugh and drink hot chocolate together
on winter days
how you showed me just how ferocious
celtic women could be—
then the dragon came devoured your mind
stole you away from us,
and i’ll never forgive that monster for
killing you;
i want nothing more than to slay cancer
for the ugly thing it is
ironically it’s my zodiac sign but i hate the disease
let it die
there’s nothing beautiful in it—
i thought we would have more time that i could
wait until you were better,
but ten days later
you were gone and i find i dislike doctors now;
they’re such liars, they don’t know
a damn thing.


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