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By: Linda M Crate


if only you held your love
as high as you hold
your ego
i tried so hard to give you all the
space you needed,
but the distance you placed between us
killed me inside;
i wanted you to let me love you
you only wanted me to be
the notch in your
i am the wild bird you tried to tame,
but i have already been put
in enough cages
could not bleed for you anymore
it was time for me to fly;
never needed a man
simply wanted one
perhaps that’s why you let me go
insisting you were giving me my freedom
but i did not need your permission
to be free
for i have and always will be a wild thing
built in and of the flames
dancing like the wind
howling in the trees and blooming with the
you cannot tame me
i thought you understood that,
but it seems wolves favor hypocrisy more than
midnight wings.


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