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By: Linda M Crate


your bones were too heavy
to carry
so i dropped them
watched them break and shatter
just as you tried to do
to my dreams,
but the fire you used to envelope them built
me back up;
i rose from my ashes
with fiery wings
a scarlet
i never looked back to see where the pieces went
the fractures weren’t mine to own,
and i had quite enough
of you and your
i was moving on before you were
ever gone
unfair as that may be
i knew that this great divide could not be dissolved—
so as you move further away from your dreams
i discover myself
closer to mine,
and maybe one day you will wake from your
foolish daze
remember how to
dream properly but if you do not;
just remember i dropped your bones and i will not
be caged by your need
ever again.


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