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Poem: Childhood Memories

By: Zunayet Ahammed

I saw you today
In an autumn dress full of juice
Like white clouds of the Sky
To chuckle at me quietly
Like a girl of 17 who feels woozy
Looking inside and inside
Not thinking of others.
Sweet days, sweet moments and sweet dreams of life
Like the rosy hue of a lovely lady’s check wither away
Silently as time passes
Nothing to be hidden the way we can’t hide our age
Nothing remains forever
The childhood disappears
Touching experiences still calling me
Roaming around the country for
sucking its milk nicely full is an oblivion now
Sounds of rivers
Songs of birds
Beauty of hovering skylarks
High in the sky
Light of the firefly in darkness
Drone of the cricket after the dusk on my way home
Inviting beauty of a rose hidden behind leaves
Naughty waves of wind in the paddy field
Pleasures of catching fish in my grand mother’s pond
The gladness of eating fresh cucumbers
from Rahela’s garden at noon
All were celestial but now lost
Where are those sweet days of innocence?
Now I live in a city
I wake quickly to sunshine pouring to my window
Many a sleepless night we’ve to pass here
Too boring traffic jam
The hustle and bustle of the city
Always makes our life awfully weary and exhausted
Here our life is burdened with lot more unpleasant things
Symphony of happiness is full of thorns
Demons are busy intriguing us
Flowers of mind lose its fragrance
Trees its green
Rivers its murmuring beauty
Birds missing the blue of the sky
Poetry is without rhyme
Beautiful women her innocence
There is no pleasure here
Except abduction, disappearance, hijacking, killing and violence
Life lames here
Like bus 3
Yet man dreams of the rain of spring
To begin with zero
Is there any delight to stand on darkness
Brooding over the sweet memories of childhood?


The poet is Assistant Prof. of English at Northern University Bangladesh(NUB).



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