Past Spy Revealed in Frederick Forsyth’s autobiography ‘The Outsider: My Life’

frederick_forseythFrederick Forsyth has made a stunning disclosure in his autobiography ‘The Outsider: My Life’. He has admitted that he was MI6 agent in the past. The author of ‘The Day of the Jackal’, however, agrees that it was not easy to admit.

Rumours of him being a spy have long done rounds since his fans suspected something realistic in his highly acclaimed realistic spy novels. He told the BBC that he started doing this during the Biafran War. He also revealed how he was approached by an intelligence officer and he was asked to inform the agency about what’s going on during the civil war, which lasted from 1967 to 1970.

It is an interesting disclosure. However, a sensible reader knows that Frederick is a clever salesman who knows the importance of this disclosure. It is expected to translate into higher sales for his autobiography. We all know that past agents have to respect the lifelong protocol of not disclosing to anyone if they belonged to a state-run spy agency.

We would like to wish Frederick all the best. May his autobiography sell more which is the purpose of this furore.


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