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By: Zunayet Ahammed

Reality is always harsh and hard.
Men knowing its impact on life and earth
Get no solace in life.
We have nothing to do
except to see and brood over a lot of things on earth
years after.
We’ve been passing many happy and unhappy moments
of life
but the fact is that
truth can neither be tempted nor be defeated at all.
It existed, will remain, and still is.
Even reality of pleasures
is ephemeral like
fair daffodils.
They bloom, enchant others and wither away
but the melody they have can never perish
It leaves a reverberated attachment to us
Years after years!
The whole world worships its enslavement.

Fancy is always welcomed.
It lasts long,
Its essence is soothing,
It does never harm and torment us
besides taking us in a visionary world.
We need to know how to weave dream,
Dreams ornate us with celestial light.
If we don’t dream, we will keep on floating
and can’t see the unseen, the invisible.
It keeps us alive.
Not to dream is a malady,
We have had this disease.
So, we are unlucky enough
Not to reach the goal.


Zunayet Ahammed is an Assistant Professor of English at Northern University Bangladesh(NUB)


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