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By: Scott Thomas Outlar


Worldly desires
serve as an albatross
around the soul’s neck,
sending the entrapped flesh
below the tide
to drown in ocean’s depths;
but sometimes
a little bit of pressure
on the lungs is nice,
as it helps develop
oxygen capacity to breathe
much better
when the new wave rises
and the body is released
to seek the next
treasure around the bend.


Scott Thomas Outlar writes a daily blog at where links to all his published poetry, essays, fiction, rants, ramblings, ravings, screeds, and manifestos can be found. His next chapbook “Songs of a Dissident’ will be released in early 2016 through Transcendent Zero Press. His work has appeared recently in venues such as Yellow Chair Review, Dissident Voice, Dead Snakes, Unbroken Journal, and Harbinger Asylum.


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