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By: Priya Anand


Silence stumbles through the ruins
Crumbled walls no barrier
Moths with latticed wings with
A short life span spent traversing
Ivory tiles now shards with fungal edges
A mottled tail suggests dangers foretold
Disappears beneath the forest floor that
Covers the veneer beneath
Now damp through and a medium for the moss
And lichens that adorn its once polished inlay
A dented aluminium kettle on its side
Memories of strongly brewed tea and slightly stale biscuits
Under the weak winter sun
As evening slips into dusk and
Elongated shadows expand and swallow
Already dark crevices that precipitated the crumble of
Just not mere wood, metal, and stone but
Mind, body and soul


Priya Anand is Bangalore based and has various avatars of an occasional writer of short fiction and poems, an avid trekker and traveller, and a freelance development consultant who works with the non-profit sector when she needs to make a bit of money to support her varied interests. Some of her work has been published in Spark, Bangalore Review and Bangalore Mag, The Brown Boat (Raedleaf Poetry India) and The Reading Hour.


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