Poem: proud little misfit

By: Linda M Crate


i sit in the mists
of my dreams,
but i know my destiny
is greater than this;
and one day all these sorrows
will decrease in value
i will rise like
the sun in the east
and never set—
my bones will no longer be tired,
and i will get all
those adventures
i have been dreaming of for
many moons;
one day this place will be far
behind me
like a dusty country road
old and forgotten—
every failure
will only grant me bigger successes
for i know
something better
is on the horizon,
and i will not settle for anything
i will catch my dreams
like snowflakes
on my
shine brighter than my enemies
could ever imagine—
i will surpass
all the expectations given me
devour something sweeter
as i reach
for the celestial sky of heaven,
and i’ll be the blue lightening
dancing visions of
heavenly stars
only to burn brighter on
i will become greater
than even i
could ever know because
i can blow my own
this provincial life
doesn’t suit me
i could never be content
living in a country
at least not forever
i need to live and
and travel the world;
i will never let my
sparkle die
i am greater than
any insult given
i will never let the
mouths of critics
keep me down
because taste is merely
and some people
don’t have any taste
i’ll stay weird
because normal is perfectly boring.


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