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By: Linda M Crate


i’ve had enough of your
just like selfish, greedy men who would
plunge this world to its death
so you wish to utter
death upon me and my dreams
so i am your willing
but i won’t let you pull on my strings
i will rise up like the angry earth;
scream with the blood
of my ancestors
shriek with the dragons of the past and tame
you with the tempest of their flame
because i have had enough
of your wicked games
i tire of
your social disease—
i’ve heard you claim you were my friend,
but you are just like everyone else
you say you are different;
but you’ve betrayed me like every other traitor
that has claimed thus
without meaning it
you may have known me for years but you didn’t
take the time to know me,
and if i knew that your true colors only spoke of
death and sorrow
i would have never danced with you in the
flower garden of friendship—
can’t you see whatever we had was dead?
just like the flowers
of yesterday
that remembered us together fondly
there is nothing kind to
for you have forsaken your goodness and kindness.


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