Story: Intro

By: Sri Ram


I remember, once I read from a book. The bonding between two bodies at the center is tighter than the ones at any other part.

The moment I saw her in the bus, for the first time, I badly wanted to bond with her, off course at the center. Call it nasty. Call it bad. Call it un-cultured. Call it male chauvinism. I do not care. What’s wrong in telling you what I felt? I am not the kind of person who covers up the self and showcases a mask and fool around. I am what I am.

What a girl she was!! No words to describe her beauty. Take, for an instance, the most beautiful girl on the planet. She would only come next to her.

This girl stood right up to my dreams. If you happen to come across a forest of Sandalwood trees, you would wonder, how the forest is filled with her aroma. If you happen to come across Caesar, you would ask him, how he could leave his love Cleopatra in the MARTA buses of Atlanta. To me, I would boldly say, I spotted Marilyn Monroe alive on that very gloomy day.

The shear truth of life is, nothing persists. Things keep moving and so were the bus Journey. By now I had paused the music player in my mobile and let the Bluetooth headphone continue to lick my right ear. Luckily I didn’t have to get down at a different bus stop to find out where she lives. So the Angel lives where I live!!

There was a church, on the way, where she stood for a minute, closed her eyes. I was right behind her.

If you say that, there should be a creator behind this wonderful planet and the complex life forms in it and that creator is god, then I would politely ask you back, why that creator left Saturn a gas giant, Cloud covered hell Venus, raging hurricane of unimaginable mass Jupiter not fit for even simple life forms?

I didn’t have any intention of intervening in her prayers. I didn’t want to start my first conversation with her on spirituality. I know that there are many interesting topics to talk with a beautiful girl of her kind. So I waited for a moment and in order to appear casual before her, I held my phone and pretended to be answering a call on my Bluetooth.

After a lil while, she again was on her way, in the direction of the same apartment community where I live in.

I badly wanted her friendship now. But how? I didn’t know. My first task was to strike an interesting memorable conversation with her. If not interesting at least a simple conversation. The side entrance to the community was only a few yards away. I only had little time left.

In a situation like this, if i say, I was not nervous, and then the chances are ample for you to think of me, a Robot with all wires and switches in place of nerves and joints.

When it comes to love and sex, I do not know, where men gather courage and guts. I like the way, the species still preserves the animal instincts. I was only 10 feet behind her.


I boosted my throat up and almost yelled.

Everyone else, around, turned and looked at me, except her. I was not intended to draw other’s attention but that was what happened. I can’t believe, despite such a loud noise, she didn’t turn back.

That’s when it struck to my dumb head. Could she be deaf!! Oh my god!!

I never thought this way. Everyone else turned but her!!

Now I have to justify to everyone. I thought for a moment.

I now, began to pretend as if, i was talking to a close friend of mine on my Bluetooth. Technology HELPS!! …

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