Poem: Zombie

By: Linda M Crate


you tore my ego
to shreds
threw me to the wolves
i came back
their leader,
and you told me once that you
were a wolf;
so maybe it’s time you give
me that apology
i begged
you for
before i knock it out of your teeth—
i know revenge is a poison
that could only
serve to kill me,
but maybe it will destroy this
monstrous need in me
to be with you;
an eye for an eye would indeed blind
the universe,
but aren’t they already blind
to all the things that
i need to know why you spoon fed me
lies and shattered my fragile
pressed my wings to the glass
hoping my broken pieces
would shatter me
left enough blood for the vultures to smell,
but i pierced through their
trangressions with
my talons pretending their faces
were your own;
i know you think that you’re wonderful
but only if the girl is one of the
living dead
because you’ve forgotten what it is
to live.

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