Poem: get away from me

By: Linda M Crate


“i like what i see”
“what’s up?”
i’m at work and the only thing
that’s up is my
blood pressure,
and i don’t see your need to approach
me while i’m at work hoping for
a night shared in your
i require decency and finesse and a
complex mind who can think
of more than
baser instincts
qualities that evade you;
i don’t care if you like what you see
because i’m not here
for your viewing pleasure
have no obligation
to be pretty for your entertainment nor to
return your feelings—
maybe if you weren’t so desperate
someone would appreciate you,
but as it so happens
your eagerness shines in your eyes brighter
than the sun and i’m turned off
before you open your
i’m at work to make money
not to get someone’s number so unless you
have something other than a corny
pick-up line get away
from me.


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