Poem: Convocation

By: Indunil Madhusankha


The heart beset with a thousand hopes
which were ever increased by those of his parents
who slaved away,
not having even a sufficient meal
to their stomach
A bigger expectation, they bore
to see the refinement of their son into an expert

Dressed in white
with the bundle of books
gently grasped in one hand,
he went down on his knees
before his parents
who patted his head murmuring,
“May the Buddha protect you, my putha,
you must be a doctor, a great doctor!”

Amidst many scarcities
passing the A/L s
he entered the university,
puffed up with applause and aspirations

Yet, so soon, a majority was awarded
their degree,
the highest degree they could ever attain
during a severe drought in the month of July

In the midst of the dry season
there was blood,

Fingernails were pulled out
Limbs were broken
Hairs were blown off
Bodies were battered to death or shot

Distinguished guests were treated with
the blood, blood vomit,
and the blood pudding of youth.

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