Story: Love

By: Sri Ram


Mathan stumbled upon the ground, on the straight faultless street when Sadhana along with her friend Saritha, both dressed in lovely green and red color Sarees respectively , crossed by.

‘Would you stumble even on a perfect street?’ Saritha asked with a wicked smile.

‘The street might be faultless but your friend’s landscapes are so slippery’ Mathan said politely staring at Sadhana.

That’s when Sadhana, looked at herself once and realized her exposed waist. She blushed instantly and immediately held the loose end of her Saree and covered her landscapes.

‘You have a tongue that is sweet’ said Saritha.

Next day, even though, having seen Mathan at a distance, Sadhana covered her landscapes with her Saree folds, Mathan stumbled again to the ground when they crossed him.

‘Now what!’ Saritha asked.

‘Same dangerous landscapes’ Mathan told as he got up.

‘What is that you got behind your eyebrows? X-ray vision? She is all covered now. Don’t you see her Saree?’ Saritha asked with false frustration.

‘It was only your landscapes that I complained about to Sadhana yesterday’ Mathan replied firmly.

This time, Saritha blushed while Sadhana froze in shock.

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