Poem: i matter also

By: Linda M Crate

people always want me to help them,
but they don’t seem to care
no matter how hard
i’m struggling;
and i am done feeding the disloyal
people from my hand
will use the same hand that fed them to smack
them to the ground—
there is a time for peace and a time for war
i think it’s time for war now because
they push and pull until i can only feel exhaustion
i care and i give but i have my limits,
and i’m done
feeding all these entitled brats who think they
can have anything they want for free;
the world owes you nothing
neither do i—
you want something then you better fight for it
because i have my own dreams to follow
and capture and i’ve wasted enough time on people
who have nothing to offer me,
and i have my own
wants and needs to pursue;
not everything is always about you
sometimes just sometimes
it’s about me, too.


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