Poem: i will be me no matter who it offends

By: Linda M Crate


they all stand there
with judgment
in their eyes,
and i know they all want
me to stop believing
in my dreams
to simply stand in line
do as i’m told
only be seen and never heard;
but i have never listened
to the crowd
because i know there is a silent
m in masses—
i will only ever run with wolves
and fly with crows
because i am a wild child and old soul
i will not be silenced by any
i make the rules of my own life,
and if they don’t like it
they can keep their wine to themselves;
i never liked bitter things
i will always be a dreamer, i will always believe in
better things coming;
drive to the heart of my ambition and make
the impossible come true.

Categories: Non-Fiction

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