Poem: Nothingness is Fractal

By: Sudeep Adhikari


The garden of lovelorn mist
flowers the airy spaceships
made of stainless steel
and a pocketful of silver,
mixed with few multiverses
of cobalt blue.

I saw UFOs
of weird shapes
hanging on the ether
like the wild wet berries
with the dimension
somewhere between 2 and 3,

Elysium waitress
will you serve me today
the zen of gravity,
a diet coke
and a river for a serpent ?
when my head
is 1,000 non-thoughts
above the me-level.

Silence, sky, white-noise
the pregnant space
of formless many,
and their million shades
of dynamics and dance;
So is my soul
always tripping and pimping
on organized chaos,
strange attractors
and few Jupitars
of butterfly-effect.


Sudeep Adhikari, from Kathmandu Nepal, considers poetry to be an impersonal act, largely deriving its content from unconscious psychic undergrounds. He is a PhD in structural engineering and is currently working in Nepal as a Structural-Consultant/Part-Time Lecturer. His works have recently been featured in Verse-Virtual, Arlington Literary Journal and Zombie Logic Review and is waiting for few more publications with Soul-Lit Magazine and Manhattan Linear in early 2016. He likes to spends his leisure time traversing the space between the profound and the nonsense. The author can be contacted at adhikarisudeep0@gmail.com.


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