Poem: Women aren’t weak, you are

By: Linda M Crate


you try to tell me that i’m weak
that i’m only a woman, only a girl
emotions will always get in the way;
but you don’t understand that
loyalty, love, and compassion are strengths
not weaknesses;
and my sensitivity dreams better visions
into being
you say i don’t understand the way of the world,
but you don’t understand me
i wasn’t born to fit into this world i was born
to make my own—
you want to put me on a pedestal so you can smack
me down and make me shatter,
but i will not;
i am stronger than you’ll ever know
always rising from the ashes of my chaos and burning
brighter than before
i know the ways of a phoenix,
and i know that you don’t understand this;
but i am strong because
i fight like a girl—
when i say this i don’t mean i fight like a demure little snow
or aurora
i fight like toph or yona of the dawn,
and i will only grow stronger and wiser and become a better
fighter so i can absolve this world of your evil;
so maybe next time you ought to sew
your lips shut because women
are anything but weak.


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