Poem: The Rebel in Conversation

By: Ben Nardolilli


You will not flinch over anything, it’s clear,
You speak to me of the dick and the clit,
But you can get clinical too,
Conversing on the vagina and the penis,
With no deference for the vas deferens

You can talk about bodily functions,
And sex acts, some of which have yet
To be legalized in all fifty states,
And to break the ice, you always carry
A compendium of dead baby jokes inside you

You know your history too, slavery,
Genocide, war, and the machinations of bankers
No crime goes unmentioned,
Especially when it mirrors the massacres
Killing people today on the front page

And I applaud you for speaking
Your mind and your heart, saying anything
About anyone so I don’t have to
Worry about the truth going unsaid
Out of fear for the appearance of being offensive

Freedom of speech and personality in one!
Well, almost, for I once overhead you
Making evasive maneuvers in a conversation,
Not wanting to discuss how much
Or how little you earn at that job you hate

I do not judge, I can only advise
To the limits of whatever consent you grant,
If you want to hide a dollar amount inside you,
Then be careful with that secret,
We become what we pass over in silence.


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