Poem: Thanks for asking

By: Linda M Crate


there’s such judgment in your eyes
i know you couldn’t possibly
be a friend
you’re too willing
to jump down my throat and pull taut
the wings of my dreams until
they cut and crumble upon themselves
so i am made in your image,
but i was never meant to be your shadow
i was made to be my own person;
never shall i ever accept
becoming the failure that you are—
you insist that we’ll be
friends always, but i maintain we’ve never
been friends;
for if we were you never would have tried to
change me like you always do
you would have accepted
me for who and what i
how many times must i lock away my heart
before you realize it has no interest
in you?
we were friends once,
but not anymore;
and i’m doing just fine without you—
thanks for asking.


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