Poem: Consequences

By: Linda M Crate


i am a moon child
sensitive and kind
emotional and deep
loony and lunar,
but like my moon mother
i also have a dark side;
can become a wolf
tear you to pieces
for all the lamentations you’ve
brought against my soul—
i don’t want to be
a monster,
but sometimes the only way to
speak to someone is in
a language they
and so if that’s the only way i can
reach you
then i will become the monster
lurking beneath your covers with fangs
and claws sharpened
ready to release your broken dreams
back to their birthplace
as you lay broken and unmoving—
i’ve warned you so many
times not to provoke
my anger
you never listened,
and so maybe now you’ll realize there’s
consequence for every action and
every word.

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